hi. Carolina here. 18. college student, i guess.

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life dream is to meet this bitch \o\


it is what it is


That girl you just called a bitch? That’s actually sasuke uchiha 

— How to obtain your very own bisexual
- Step one: Place a box in an open field propped up with a stick. Attach a string to the stick. Much like cats, bisexuals are drawn to boxes and in some cases, this will be enough.
- Step two: Under the box place a pile of glitter and a boombox playing Fall Out Boy's Dance Dance. Bisexuals feed on glitter and will find it irresistible. Dance Dance is, as everybody knows, the mating call of the bisexual.
- Step three: Wait patiently and be ready to pull the string when the bisexual draws near.
- Step four: Be sure to feed your new bisexual lots of glitter and give it fresh water daily.

Drew’s mountain range is really comin’ along. I’m particularly proud of this piece so far. New needles, different inks, new machines, new techniques, all within the past two or three months. by bones! on Flickr.


duddlin that doodle

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The one we watched grow from boy to man.

Happy Birthday, Lee Taemin

holy fuck


pretty garden rose, peony, sweet pea, honeysuckle and pitcher plant blossom bouquet for Chelsea! so lovely as always to tattoo you and hang out with you, girl.