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Anonymous asked : hi i just started reading shoujo manga and i was wondering if you could recommend some for me ^_^ i know it's really cliche and stuff but i'm really into those storylines where the girl falls for a bad boy and stuff OTL

GAH omg this is the biggest question ever!!! 

okay. i’ve got time so i’m gonna recommend some faves (even though i’m bound to leave some off the list ;—-;) i spent a better part of 7 through 9th grade reading a shit ton of manga hahaha and omg like. 90% of shoujo (or any manga in general) is so cliche and all similar to each other but i just read it all lmao i’m so un-picky but yeah guilty pleasure!

i’ve actually been exclusively reading a lot of yaoi lately but um i have old mangas bookmarked on mangafox from years ago, so you’re in luck :D 

imma just link you to the mangafox page for these mangas, but some might be serialised so they’re unavailable. you can just google for new links. not all of these are girl goes for bad boy, but def good reads (tried to be more selective. just know it’s so hard to pick out ones from over the 300 mangas i have bookmarked). i also recommend checking out the mangaka’s other works if you like a manga you read. it’s a great way to find more :D btw i picked mostly completed mangas.

AUGH SERIOUSLY THIS IS LIKE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!! there are so many more. some of these are more popular ones, and with good reason. augh ;—; all my feels. all my manga feels OTL

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